Tuesday, November 24, 2015


In Medium is the Message, Marshall Mculhan tackles big ideas and theories about the globalized world that we now live in. He states that "we have to shift our stress of attention from action to reaction." I attempt to respond to this in my piece, I aim to find the reaction in the viewer with this silent piece. The viewer is given nothing but the gradually changing video before them. Something which gives the facts of what it is and nothing more, the image changes slightly with each tick of the clock but still stays the same, the change seen within the video is only dramatic from the first and last shot. All other interpretations are left to the viewer to create for themselves; though I want to create a space for them to find these I don't explicitly tell them anything. While the clock quickly changes the image does so as well, the speed of this may seem torturous at first but the viewer is given an escape from this second by second change in the course of the video. 
We are all connected through this global village that Mcluhan has pointed out, this states that the world we now live in is becoming smaller with the growth in technology. I wanted to create a piece that focuses on the little change within the moment. This idea of the change which occurs every second may only seem to contribute to the big picture, however must be done through the subtly of each second. 

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