Monday, October 26, 2015


Marshall McLuhan tells us that we "are enveloped by sound... we hear sounds from everywhere, without ever having to focus." Sniffles is my attempt to recreate this truth, the sounds that play throughout this noise piece only recreate the sounds that I heard in one moment. These sounds were magnified and overlapped to create a stressful space for the listener, because not only will they listen to the sound piece but they will also hear what is in their immediate surroundings. I am really interested in the idea that sound is a unavoidable, unlike the ability to shut your eyes, sound surrounds you and you cannot escape. Along with that sound is generally somewhat ephemeral and hard to recreate because it is so unique to the moment. The sounds that we hear surround us and can sometimes simulate emotion within us. I attempted to make the listener uncomfortable in my piece by amplifying and looping sounds that were found simply around me in my room.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


My Expression of Chaos -Molly Froman
When watching the Jonathan Gruber film, Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos, I felt emotionally and visually pulled into the work unlike ever before. With the combination of somber score and the visual experience of her work the film captured me and pulled me in unlike any other film has before. It seemed to me that for Beerman art was a real way to express her motions and deal with the cruelty of life that others might ignore. It was very hard for me to watch the end of the film, it was so stinkingly depressing. Knowing that all of the life experiences this woman had will slowly disappear was a shocking reality to me. At one point in the film she said that she did not create art to convey a message, and all messages that others would make of the works were not intended by her. I felt this statement resonate within me, I can only assume that she creates art because it is what she has been doing since she was a kid, it was her only outlet.
These drawings are my sub-movie creation, I decided that I would write down the words which caught my ear. I wrote them down all over the page, and of course because the room was dark I could not see where I was writing or what it might turn out to be. I really liked how it came out with the quote from Beerman "now I have a cat," it captures the film very well for me by putting emphases on the chaos as well as the playfulness of her personality.

-pushing past the reality-

"canyouseetheguitar" - Molly Froman
This collection of images, Pushing Past the Reality, conveys the idea of a dream state, a state which memory of the specific is lost and all reality is muffled. These photos aim to push the boundaries of what it means to be a photograph. I want to show that they do not have to be perfect images for the purpose of creating or conveying emotion. Just as Marshall Mcluhan says "the amateur can afford to lose" I am taking the chances with this project by pushing the limits. I can afford myself to lose the prospect of a perfect image by not using the proper tools such as a tripod or the correct exposure that would create a still image. I am in love with the movement found in these photos. I think that I will never be able to escape the experimentalism of the amateur. I was not able to know the outcome of these images because of the long exposure, when I opened the shutter it was all up to the camera to make the image. Not all of the photos in my collection were shot with a long exposure, but they all live in a dream state with a changed reality. All my life I will be playing with what it means to create, I love to push the button of what the viewer wants to see and what I put in front of them. I want to make the viewer confused and question what they are looking at.

Monday, October 5, 2015

-what makes art valid-

"Straight Lined Chaos" - Molly Froman
Ed Vessel made the comment that he thinks himself to not be very good at art, or maybe that he could not tell good from bad art; but how can one make this claim when we live in a world surrounded by artistic potential. His claim that art is something subjective is shown in his research, the idea that we learn what is good and bad art seems to me problematic and all to prevalent in our culture today. I think that weather or not you have the drive to make art is what will set you apart from those who do, the need to express yourself through art is what makes you an artist whether or not you create. It is important to note that not all work relies on a strong set thesis. This can be portrayed through the idea of a straight and curvy line, the straight line is straight from all angles while the curvy will be a seemingly new line from all angles. These scientific ideas which Vessel has about clear perceptions that the brain makes will end up in the minds of many.
"Vessel" - Molly Froman
Those works which attempt to create multiple meanings, or even those with an open meaning is what I am personally drawn to. Art is never about one set idea which there is no interpretation it is a form of expression where the meaning might be more separate from the feeling it portrays. Just like a video does not need a story line to be a video art does not need a set of rules to be correct. Art is for everyone and anyone it does not take one mind to tell what may be good or bad, I think Ed Vessel is stuck in the mindset of right and wrong when in reality there is no such thing. When schooled in the sciences it is hard to make a bridge to the arts.