Monday, September 28, 2015

-breath in-

Marshall McLuhan tells us "Today's humor, on the contrary, has no story line - no sequence." I interpret that as that which entertains needs no meaning. My piece contains only meaning made by the viewer and held by me. It is hard to tell as the viewer how much footage it took to create this piece, whether or not the piece is comprised of one minutes worth of footage does not matter. What matters is that it is held, in its current state, at the time of one minute and seven seconds. This experiment of sound and visual create a depressing symbiosis. I wanted to have the repetitive clock-like sound of the light turning on and off constantly in the background while simultaneously altering the sound behind it to create unease. 
This one minute could be torture or pure joy. My favorite part of the video is the ending when it abruptly stops: everything is gone for just a second, all that you have just watched ceases to exists except for in your memory. The video has no story line, no sequence, no reason; but is still worth the sixty seven seconds of viewing and the hours spent working on it. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

-my eyes are up here-

Most everyone has that one clothing item or accessory that gets a lot of praise, for me it is a red shirt which reads CHINATI in a muted grey tone. It seems that ever single time that I wear this shirt at least two people ask me what it means. People try and guess the pronunciation or ask if it is a combination of the words "China" and "Cincinnati" or some other silly interpretation. The usual answer that I give is a mumbled exhausted explanation that I myself do not really know what the shirt means. Without fail every time I wear this shirt I get question about its meaning. 

100 untitled works in mill aluminum - Donald Judd 
Well here it is folks Chinati is the name of a contemporary art museum site which is known by the name of the small town in Texas where it resides, Marfa. This exhibit is a collection of installation works by mainly Donald Judd and includes many other artists who work is permanently displayed in the military base which the museum is located. The space is made for large installations which may not have a space other than here. With no airport in Marfa the space is kept mostly a secret from the average museum goer and has become a desired road trip destination that I would hope to have the opportunity to visit. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

-i make what i feel like-

In my mind art is a form of freedom, I can create what I want and change what I want. Art is about not the ability to create a visually appealing work. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of comfort and tradition. I love to play with and examine how people relate to the spaces they inhabit. The way that I connect with what I create constantly changes. I am easily excitable. I am a child at heart. To me art is a form of rebellion, if I make a piece that makes someone uncomfortable and judge my validity as an artist then I may call myself successful. Those who do not understand what I make are the ones I like most. I am not here because I know ever step of my life and know exactly what I want to do and be, I am here because I want to have fun and learn to change the meaning of the purpose.

"Microsoft Mischief" -Molly Froman
This piece was made on Microsoft Paint, probably the most irrelevant program on a Microsoft computer, however as a Mac Book Pro user I feel limited by the inability to have access to this program or one similarly simple on my computer. On this program you can manipulate images to create blurred or pixilated pieces. I really enjoy creating works such as these glitchy pieces. I do not have much a process for work, I usually change my mind as I work through the piece making decisions as I go.