Monday, October 26, 2015


Marshall McLuhan tells us that we "are enveloped by sound... we hear sounds from everywhere, without ever having to focus." Sniffles is my attempt to recreate this truth, the sounds that play throughout this noise piece only recreate the sounds that I heard in one moment. These sounds were magnified and overlapped to create a stressful space for the listener, because not only will they listen to the sound piece but they will also hear what is in their immediate surroundings. I am really interested in the idea that sound is a unavoidable, unlike the ability to shut your eyes, sound surrounds you and you cannot escape. Along with that sound is generally somewhat ephemeral and hard to recreate because it is so unique to the moment. The sounds that we hear surround us and can sometimes simulate emotion within us. I attempted to make the listener uncomfortable in my piece by amplifying and looping sounds that were found simply around me in my room.


  1. certainly made me want get a box of tissues! Sounded super realistic

  2. your work always draws some sort of response from me and it's never one that i'm expecting. this was wonderfully gross (and i really do mean that as a compliment).