Monday, November 16, 2015

-something is happening-

"Can't Focus" Molly Froman
        On Thursday the fifth of November something happened. A gallery opening took place at the Mudd gallery in the Seeley Mudd Library, the 3rd floor to be exact. Here a group of art students displayed their work, photos to be exact. This was not my first gallery opening but by far the most interesting. The set of photos and books that were displayed created a fine set of artwork. This unity was quite beautiful to be honest, most of the photos were very different but something about them all together felt right, in place, extravagant. The show was a great success and most certainly answered the question of: What is Happening? 
      Working with my fellow classmates to put this show together was cool, we were each assigned a different task to do so everything when uber smooth. It was a very nice collaboration of students hard work. 

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